Foreign-owned companies working with the UK

London Retail Services has a very significant experience of looking after foreign companies with retail or wholesale operations in the UK. Members of our team have been acting for many years as long-term partners, directors, agents, distributors or consultants for companies from Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

We pride ourselves on the long-lasting and trusted relationships that we have with our foreign clients. We provide a complete package of services that meets all your legal, commercial and operational needs in the UK. We can also help you to overcome all the challenges raised by Brexit.

We are very flexible and our systems and reporting procedures will meet both your Head Office and UK legal requirements. We are fully aware that we need to match your expectations with local practices and regulations and we take the time to explain to you how this can be done.

We work with a team of trusted professional and trade specialists who provide technical expertise as required. They include accountants, lawyers, shop-fitters, chartered surveyors, security and property maintenance companies, ICT services, insurance professionals and recruitment agencies.