Your company needs good, clear and legally-compliant employment policies, processes and procedures in order to manage your human resources properly and get the best from your people. 

You need to be aware of the differences between your legal obligations, your contractual terms of employment and your non-contractual guidelines for employee behaviour. You need to make sure that all of these are continually updated in accordance with changes in legislation and regulations.

You must be as consistent as possible in applying your employment practices. Clear policies and procedures go a long way towards preventing problems in the first place. They will also significantly reduce the time and money spent on resolving any issues that do occur.

Legally-compliant policies, procedures and terms of employment are also essential should disputes or incidents with employees escalate and require resolution in tribunals, through lawyers or with insurance companies. Since the abolition of fees for employees in 2017 there has been a 130% increase in companies being taken to tribunals and disgruntled ex-employees now have nothing to lose in trying to get a settlement payment from you.


We provide our clients with the following customised employment services:

  • Practical and legally-compliant onboarding documents, templates, procedures and checklists.
  • Terms and conditions of employment in the form of contracts suitable for all types of employment.
  • Initial drafting and ongoing updates for all employment policies, procedures and management checklists for the following categories:
    1. Joining the company
    2. Attendance and absence
    3. Pay, benefits, expenses and pension
    4. Probation, training and development
    5. Operations
    6. Standards of performance and conduct
    7. Diversity and dignity at work
    8. Family caring rights and flexible working
    9. Annual leave
    10. Sickness
    11. Data protection and privacy policy
    12. Health and safety
    13. Discipline and grievance procedures
    14. Leaving the company
  • An employee handbook covering all the above categories and any other information you require in a digital format that is always accessible online. The handbook will be continually updated as government regulations and company policies change and employees will automatically be notified of all changes.
  • Ongoing advice and guidance on all aspects of the implementation of employment policies and procedures, including dealing with individual employee issues.
  • A helpline for nominated managers for dealing with any employment issues.
  • Full outsourcing of day-to-day HR management

Clear and effective employment policies, procedures and terms of employment are essential to protect your company and also to show your employees that you are a responsible employer and that they will be treated in a fair and reasonable manner.

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