Our Clients

We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our clients. Every member of our team is fully aware of the responsibility entrusted in us when you ask us to help look after your business functions.


We like to think of ourselves as your partners and not just another supplier. To this end we aim to be completely flexible and dependable in helping you to run your company.

Confidentiality for our clients is essential but they are very willing to give references on our behalf and we can put you in contact with them if you are interested in using our services.


A selection of our clients and our responsibilities for them includes:

  • British lifestyle brand (9 years): responsible for all business functions for department store concessions and wholesale distribution in the UK and Europe


  • Italian travel goods company (10 years): responsible for setting up and managing all aspects of a subsidiary company importing and distributing travel goods throughout the UK and Ireland, including several department store concessions


  • Italian fashion accessory flagship  store (5 years): responsible for all aspects of the management of a store on New Bond Street


  • British retail company with three jewellery and accessory stores (10 years): owners and responsible for the management of all business functions for three stores in the London area


  • Italian fashion accessory company (25 years): responsible for various retail concessions in London and the UK as well as wholesale distribution, accounts and credit control


  • British startup fashion brand (1 year): responsibility for all legal compliance, strategic advice and accounts and administration for an e-commerce business


  • Chinese fashion company (3 years): responsible for the employment practices and health and safety systems for a large flagship store in London


  • Italian fashion accessory brand (5 years): responsibility with Power of Attorney for all non-commercial business functions for three retail stores in the London area


  • British fragrance brand (14 years): responsible for accounts, credit control, payroll and administration for two retail stores and various department store concessions in London


  • Australian fashion accessory brand (6 years): responsible for UK office and all business functions including wholesale distribution throughout Europe and the Middle East


  • Italian fashion accessory franchise store in Bicester Village (4 years): legal responsibility and direct management for a store concerning all business functions


  • Kuwaiti perfume brand (4 years): responsible for recruitment, HR, payroll, health and safety and premises management for a flagship store in central London


  • British childrenswear brand (1 year): responsible for accounts, payroll, HR and advising on health and safety and premises


  • German fashion accessory brand (3 years): responsibility for all employment practices and health and safety functions for two London stores

We work very closely with our clients and always aim to give more than is expected of us. We believe that only by really getting to know your company and its culture can we provide the best possible service to you.

  • For over 6 years London Retail Services Ltd has provided complete management of our brand in the UK and across Europe, adding services as the brand has grown. Robert and his team are efficient, reliable and always working in our best financial interest and to maximise business opportunities.
    ML, Owner of Australian Fashion Accessory Brand