Every company should obviously comply as fully as possible with its legal duties, behave in an ethical manner and act in accordance with best practice. But if you try to do this without comprehensive policies and systems in place you will not succeed.

By not complying with laws, government and local council regulations you risk legal penalties and significant amounts of your time and money. Not to mention the negative effects on employee morale, customer loyalty and the potentially disastrous impact on your company’s reputation.


Not being legally compliant can affect every aspect of your business:

  • you dismiss someone incorrectly and they take you to an employment tribunal, which is now free of charge for the ex-employee but very costly for you;
  • you incorrectly claim back VAT for many years and the VAT inspector hits you with an assessment for the amount claimed, together with interest and a penalty;
  • faulty company equipment or unsafe premises injure a member of the public and you are sued, but your insurance company will not support you because you did not have the correct safety systems in place;
  • you fail to trademark your brand name and logo correctly and receive a potentially ruinous infringement claim from a large multi-national company

London Retail Services can conduct an audit of all your key legal obligations and advise best practice across your business in order to ensure that you have the correct policies and procedures in place.


We will check and advise on your:

  • accounts and administration
  • your dealings with Companies House and HMRC
  • business rates
  • pay and payroll
  • employment policies and procedures
  • health and safety policies, procedures and management
  • property, facilities and equipment maintenance
  • insurance, intellectual property and data protection


Once we have identified your requirements we will design and implement simple online management systems for each of the above functions with timelines, suitable permission levels and warning notifications to ensure that you successfully meet all your legal duties.

Our systems will protect your company, your directors and other stakeholders. Employee awareness that you are taking your legal and ethical duties seriously will greatly contribute towards their sense of well-being and loyalty.

Clients, shareholders and other stakeholders will be reassured that you recognise the full value of conducting your business in a proper fashion and that you are a well-managed and forward-thinking company.

  • LF, Owner, Fashion Brand
    I have been using London Retail Services to set up my company and I could not recommend any better. Robert has always been punctual, reliable and organised. They have been able to advise about next steps and best procedures catered to my needs and I feel that they have treated my business as theirs, with my best interests at heart.
    LF, Owner, Fashion Brand
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