London Retail Services provides its clients with much more than they would receive when using a normal payroll bureau. We advise you on all aspects of your remuneration policy to ensure that it is fair, effective and affordable. We also ensure that the administration of your payroll and pension scheme integrates fully with the rest of your people management system and takes into account the specific needs of your business sector. 


The UK has one of the most complicated payrolls in the world. When you consider the ever-changing regulations concerning taxation, commission, bonuses, expenses, benefits, holidays, sickness and the various family-care entitlements, together with the compulsory automatic enrolment pension duties, then the legalities and processes of paying both your employees and HMRC the correct amounts at the correct time are not something to be lightly undertaken.

We offer the following services to make your payroll as efficient and productive as possible, at the same time as ensuring full legal compliance:

  • Advice on all aspects of managing remuneration, payroll and automatic enrolment pensions procedures.
  • Job evaluations and salary comparisons across the UK.
  • An online onboarding system to ensure easy and accurate collection and management of the required employee information.
  • Efficient and cost-effective payroll procedures using HMRC approved software and the provision of Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC.
  • Payroll software with online self-service portals for both management reports and for employees to view and download payslips, P60s, P11Ds, P45s and other company documents, to update their personal information and to access a company attendance calendar.
  • Provision of end-of-year returns to HMRC and full liaison with accountants over all issues.
  • Management of automatic enrolment pensions and payment of contributions, including dealing directly with your employees, providing advice and all the legally-required communications with employees.
  • Secure procedures and online storage of all employee information in compliance with GDPR.
  • Online notification and reporting procedures for management as required.
  • An online/telephone helpline for management and online helpline for employees.

Ensuring that your remuneration, payroll and pension responsibilities and procedures are being looked after in a way that corresponds to your policies and legal duties is an essential part of looking after your people. Your employees expect and deserve the very best service.

As members of the CIPD and CIPP and with many years’ experience, London Retail Services will implement and manage polices and systems for you to meet your employees’ demands.

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