Your business is successful. You have over 10 employees and you are expanding rapidly. Now you need to make sure that all parts of the business are running smoothly for balanced, sustainable growth and to ensure the future value of your enterprise.

This is when all the i’s and t’s of your infrastructure need dotting and crossing otherwise you  could come off the rails. You will no longer be able to keep tabs on everything in the informal way you used to. Entrepreneurs and founders are hardly ever the best people to be managing the more prosaic – but still essential – parts of the business. It is time to get help.

Structures need to be put in place, adequate systems established and boundaries set for your employees. Everything needs to run properly so that there are no legal or operational hiccups along the way.

We will conduct a rigorous analysis of your requirements and implement suitable policies, procedures and processes combined with effective, streamlined management systems. We will be much less costly than using individual specialist suppliers and we will give you the right framework across your business functions to enable you to keep on doing what you do best: bringing your vision to its maximum fruition.