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We work with the following sectors:

We fully understand the complex requirements of all aspects of fast-moving businesses that deal with the public. You need swift, efficient, cost-effective and integrated operations, HR management, health and safety systems and premises maintenance.

We are also very aware of the specific challenges of looking after both the public and your employees in the retail or hospitality environment in order to make sure that your retail space is running efficiently, safely and legally within a set budget. 

As your payments are made by the public through various methods and payment providers, we know that your IT and software systems and administration together with your accounts and record-keeping have particular needs related to the retail sector.

We specialise in integrating all these functions to make your business run smoothly and legally 24/7.

Running an establishment that provides food efficiently, safely and profitably to the public is a complex matter. A coordinated and integrated approach to all your business functions is essential.

As well as providing all our usual services specifically tailored to the retail sector, we also provide a full support service for maximising your food hygiene ratings and ensuring compliance with all your food-related health and safety needs.

We have a wide experience of all the business functions needed to successfully run e-commerce and wholesale businesses.

Our team can run your product management; deal with your suppliers, logistics and fulfilment; operate your customer service; and also look after your wholesale clients, sales order processing, credit control and accounts and administration.

We have worked with many well-known brands extensively throughout the UK and Europe and also have experience in dealing with clients all over the world.


We work with the following types of company:

Our fully coordinated approach ensures efficiency, cost-effectiveness and provides consistently impressive results.

  • London Retail Services has looked after our accounts, credit control and payroll for several years with unfailing efficiency. They have been extremely responsive, reliable and quick over our long-term relationship, providing solutions and anticipating changes while being sensitive to the peculiarities of a small company. They have always been extremely helpful, as well as very nice to deal with, and have certainly played a part in the growth of the company.

    ED, Sales Manager, Fragrance Brand, London